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ROOTS Plant-Based Café is a modern Vegan restaurant, cold-pressed juice & smoothie bar born near the beach in Da Nang.
Our aim is to provide health conscious meals made with plants and love using fresh, locally farmed produce.
ROOTS – “A foundation of life”
 We truly believe that a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can change your life.
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“To make a change through healthy and sustainable food”
smoothie bowl da nang

“Clean food opportunity for everyone” 

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ROOTS (Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant Da Nang)

CALL US : 0865528252

OPENING HOURS : Monday – Sunday : 8:00AM – 22:45PM

ADDRESS : 27 Trần Bạch Đằng, Bắc Mỹ Phú, Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng



roots organic farm
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next meats


At an altitude 1,200m, Our farm is located at Măng Đen Kon Tum. The place is known for its vast valleys, pine forests and optimal agricultural conditions. The highland’s temperate climate and natural pure water make it an ideal place to grow leafy greens and root vegetables. We decided to grow our vegetables on the highland with our Japanese friend Mr. Ikeda using traditional Japanese farming methods and delivers fresh vegetables from the Farm to Roots.

Lady Kombucha

Lady Kombucha is founded by our close friends Ben and Nguyen, they produce the highest quality Kombucha in Vietnam. Come to ROOTS and try their crafts products!


NEXT MEATS is a food tech start up company in Japan, their mission is “Save our earth” due to the impact of greenhouse gas emission from meat farm industry”  Here in Vietnam, they and Roots together develop organic sauced  plant based meats.
We also plan to launch a next meats burger shop by specialized vegetarian food.


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matcha da nang
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clean water da nang
Gold Star Coffee 
Gold Star coffee is a roastery that won Champion Siphon 2015 of Viet Nam. Roots staff take barista training by the founder Mr Thai son every month to improve Roots coffee quality. We also choose to use 100% Ethiopian Arabica that they roasted for us.


Senchasou is a Japanese green tea company established in 1939. For 80 years, they grow organic green tea. They provide us highest quality matcha from Japan. We use it for cashew milk matcha latte & desserts.

Sendai Tech provides the super tech water purifier from Japan, they use the technology developed by NASA(The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) It creates the cleanest, great tasting water (RO water) by 1/10million filters.
*Ask us if you concern to install the purifier
dork dancing da nang
da nang plastic
Paws for compassion da nang


Dork dancing is a new kind of dance therapy. They dance together from across the world, embracing inner dork. Dance for mental health! Wear their green head band to spread mental health awareness and get 15% off at Roots.



Precious Plastic Da Nang is a community of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution in Vietnam.They organize beach cleaning twice a month. Get 15% off ROOTS’s voucher by joining the beach cleaning.

Facebook page: PreciousPlasticDaNang

PAWS for Compassion 
PAWS aims to improve the welfare of our companion animals by combating animal cruelty and pet overpopulation through education. They inspire a greater sense of compassion and responsibility for pets, We recommend you go there as a volunteer and get 15% off at Roots.